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All Fresh - All Pure - All Natural
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Proudly Harvested in Pakistan
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Premium Collection of Natural Products

Premium Collection of Natural Products

An online store providing access to natural, organic and herbal products for nature loving people. We ensure purity in everything we deliver at your doorstep. Our premium quality Honey is all Raw and Unfiltered, preserving nature for your body and mind.

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Send personalized gifts of nature to your friends and families. Just place the order with us, we will ensure swift delivery at their doorstep.

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Why Us?
Our honey is mainly harvested in KPK & Gilgit Baltistan, packaging and delivery is handled in Karachi after thorough quality tests. We are associated with people having more than 25 years of Honey harvesting experience therefore we understand the chemical and physical properties and benefits of each type of honey. Our Honey is not pasteurized like the normal Honey available in supermarkets, Our Honey is direct from the hives, all raw and unfiltered therefore the enzymes and minerals remain intact. We have introduced these beautiful imported food grade glass jars for our Honey packaging. These airtight glass jars protect honey from moisture and keep our honey in raw form till you consume it. Our glass jars are reusable, you can put them in your kitchen and store whatever you want. In case due to the natural process of fermentation if our Acacia or Orange Blossom Honey get crystallized you may put these glass jars in a hot water and restore the honey in liquid form or you may consume the crystallized honey as is like many people around the world.
We provide a complete refund if you are not satisfied with our product due to any reason.

What customers say?

Simply Natural is honored to have such valuable feedback from our esteemed customers.

"Best Sidr honey currently on the market. Good thickness in its consistency: I held a small amount of the honey in mid-air and let it drip into a bowl; a vertical line of honey formed and the line didn't break for a long time. This test lets me know that this honey is of good quality. The flavor is wholesome and gives a sense of nourishment. It tastes a lot better than most honeys that I have tried. I definitely recommend this due to its high purity and unique quality taste. I have read and I believe that this honey is rich in vitamins and has a lot of anti-bacterial content. Highly recommended."

Ahmad Saleh

Happy Customer
"I got Simply Natural's deal of 4 different honey flavours for my mother... They were not only delicious, but also pure and had their distinct flavors and consistencies! Their winning flavor is Sidr honey, which is matchless to all honey types available in market! I highly recommend simply natural store to everyone, they sure have me as their customer for life! Will be ordering honey from you people from now on always In sha Allah!!"


Happy Customer
Highly recommended👍. Quality 👌 Fresh food · Convenient location · Great selection · Knowledgeable staff

Umme Zaid

Happy Customer
"I am using their Sidr Honey for myself and kids with like warm water, every morning and before bedtime. Alhamdulillah we are safe from the allergies which usually occurred the every other day and we had to use a lot of anti-allergy. It's been a month and our family is away from the anti-allergies. 5 stars for SN honey"

Syed Ahmad Zubair

Happy Customer
"I became a repeat customer of Simply Natural Honey within 24 hours of my first order. Your ‘Super Taste Gift Pack’ is like miniature perfumes gift pack in Emirates duty free"

Hamza Nisar Kashtiwala

Happy Customer
"Tried the sidr honey from Simply Natural Store, would surely recommend it for it's great taste and health benefits."


Happy Customer
I took a good 3 weeks before writing this - mainly to see if this honey is actually reliable, and guess what..... Order from these guys and you are bound to get all natural, amazing tasting honey and best service I terms of delivery and packaging. Bonus: Sidr Honey is out of this world!

Fahad Tauheed

Happy Customer
"I ordered their Sidr honey.. Really liked their multipurpose glass jar...What can one say of it’s taste...yam!! Nothing more or less... completely pure & raw.. there are enzymes & pollen in it...I believe it makes it pure.. will surely order it again and recommend to my friends and family!"

Hammad Surmawala

Happy Customer
"Got my first order of Sider and Forest Honey, it’s simply amazing. Delivery service is also quick! Keep it up."

Asim Shamim

Happy Customer
"I have tried Honey from Simply Natural Store and found it to be very pure and tasty. Prices are also very competitive and packaging is amazing. I highly recommend their products."

Hassan Shahid

Happy Customer
"The best place to taste nature. I was showing corona symptoms friends and family suggested to have natural honey with milk. Ordered from them and got the delivery in no time during the lockdown. Keep the good work up, will definitely shop again."

Fareedun Mohammad

Happy Customer
"Got my first order of Sider Honey, its simply amazing. When I taste this honey. It feels like you do not filter your honey. So this honey has natural bee pollen, micro pieces of propolis and bee wax, all of which benefit our health. You do not mix this honey with other cheap ingredients in order to bulk up the honey. This is pure honey. There are no additional ingredients. SIMPLY AMAZING!! 10 OUT OF 10."

Faraz Ali

Happy Customer

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