• Acacia Honey

       450 600

      Acacia Honey’s light amber in color and is perfect for someone looking for a fuller experience of very sweet taste, floral accents and a pure honey flavor. You’ll love how it doesn’t alter the taste of tea or oatmeal and is slow to crystalize on shelf, since it has high…

    • Forest Honey

       850 1,350

      Looking for relief from some type of allergy? The Forest Honey provides ease from allergies, eating just a pinch of it can help limit allergic reactions caused by pollen from flowers native to the area.

    • Orange Blossom Honey

       550 850

      Made of mixed citrus nectars, Orange Blossom Honey is prefect for someone looking for a lightly thick and sweeter than wildflower honey, an aroma of medium intensity significantly of orange flower and a beautiful light amber color.

    • Sidr Honey

       999 1,600

      As one of the finest variants of honey globally, Sidr (Beri) Honey gives you a distinctive taste, a heavy and thick texture, and is rich in nutrients. Left for months on shelf, and you’ll notice no crystallization, due to higher fructose to glucose ratio.

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